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Tuesday’s Daily Drop and Auction Picks

It seems that people are digging the daily list as the people at Namejet let me know that the list is one of their top ten referrers.  Before you ask, no I don’t get paid to refer to any of the auction houses but everyone but snapnames have taken care of me in other ways.  As long as readers come to the site to read the list then that’s really all I’m looking for…….but the swag is certainly nice.  Now here’s today’s list. Big name at a big price.  Or you could pay off your bills the old fashioned way using the next domain as your calling card. So many uses for this one.  Dentist, Gold Hunter, Woodworker. A perfect name for a credit card site.  Everyone loves a guaranteed approval. I don’t know any personally but evidently Lidian is a popular first name. Not a huge .tv fan but think this is a good buy at $61 It has credit card in the name so you know it will sell for a good price.

Sorry, that’s all I have at the moment.  I’ll scan it one more time in the morning and see if I can find a few more.  In the meantime I’ll add a joke to make up for the lack of names.

God decides that there are far too many people getting into heaven, it was getting far too packed and he needed to do something about it. So he goes to St. Peter and says “We need a filter… its getting too packed in there”, so St. Peter comes up with an idea “Lets find out how these people died, if they are funny then we let them in, if not, then too bad”, God agree’s, this should be interesting. So the first man walks up, St. Peter says “Tell me how you died”, so the first man tells him:

“So I thought my wife was cheating on me, so I came home from work early one day and found a pair of mens boots that were not mine at the door. I’m pissed, so I run into our bedroom to find my wife, butt naked on the bed but not man in sight. I holler at her ‘where is he? where is he?’, but she innocently says she was taking a nap. Thats when I spot the fingers grasping to the window sill. So I run up to them and start hammering on them with my fist. The first hand lets go, the second hand lets go. He falls 7 stories, hits a canopy, does a somersault and lands on his feet. I’m right pissed so in a red-eyed rage I picked up the chest at the end of the bed and throw it out the window and it hits him. This was enough to put my heart on the fritz and I had a heart attack and died”.

St. Peter is blown away, what a story! So he lets the guy in. The second guy walks up, St. Peter asks him the same. The man says:

“Well, I’m a window cleaner. I was on scaffolding, cleaning windows and my scaffolding breaks. I go falling down 4 stories, 4 STORIES!, and I manage to somehow grab a hold of a window. I’m hanging there, praising God that he saved me, when a fist comes out of no where and knocks me off. I fall 7 stories, hit a canopy, do a somersault and amazingly land on my feet. Completely dazed, I stand there for a minute then out of no where something hits me and here I am…”.

St. Peter is in tears, as if this could happen. He lets the guy in, thinking that there is no way the next guy can top THAT story. The guy walks up, St. Peter asks him to explain his death, the guy says…

“Well… I was naked, in this chest…”

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