Tuesday’s Daily Dropping Domains and Auctions

Aug 24 2010

As a guy from the Midwest I was required by law to bid on corn.net yesterday at NameJet but unfortunately came up just a bit short.  I get the consolation prize of being able to see corn from every window of every building in my town.  Here’s today’s list…..Enjoy

OakTech.com I only like it because it was born in 1993.  Seventeen years old is fantastic in domaining, not so good if that’s the age of the girl you’re dating

GetRidofZits.com Ironically that’s a problem with girls and boys of the age above.  1200 Searches, $2.28 CPC

IDNdomain.com Domain name about domain names equals lots of bidders and high price

PardonMyEnglish.com I couldn’t find out why this was already so high and then I saw it is a PR6

IMBD.co This is at $6600 plus which will make it officially the worst money ever spent on a domain that didn’t end in .tel.   I guarantee people think this is IMDB.co which would be worth a little more but not even close to $6K.

SettlingCreditCardDebt.net I accidentally placed a bid on this one.  Please, someone bid higher.

WarPaint.com Great name over at Sedo.  Many uses but best as a site for a college such Florida State or Illinois.

NerfHerder.com If you are a Star Wars fan then you’ll understand this name.  Many a geek would want this name

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