Tuesday’s Daily Dropping Domains

Jul 20 2010

Picked up two great names in the last few days.  One for my plant names  boxwood  [dot com] and one for my 5L names   Higgy [dot com].  I always get nervous when 8d3e6emd52 on namejet is the other bidder on my names. That’s Daniel Negari’s Cyber2Media, Inc. behind that ID and he has a hell of a lot more money than me.  Thankfully he is either running a program that automatically puts a bid on any name with a previous bid or he sees the value in 5L brandables.  At first I guessed the former,  but he did put in some bids on Higgy so they certainly were interested in the name.  And some of the names I’ve lost in the 5L pickups have been to Cyber2.  Makes me feel better knowing that a domainer of that quality sees some value in the names. And now onto the names and as usual lately, absolutely nothing of godaddy worth picking up.

Ava.net 99 bids lets you know this one is not going cheap. A strong 3L dot net

RollAJoint.net I keep putting pot domains in here but I think California is going to make these pay off

PayABill.net Much rather have the dot com but this will be much cheaper

PumpGas.com Ok not the greatest name in the world but certainly will remember the domain

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