Tuesday’s Daily Hot Auction and Dropping Domain Selections

I was the lead story for the 10 o’clock news last night ( I think it was lead, I was asleep).  The only thing more exciting for the media than having an illness break out at the Playboy mansion is to have one of the sick people to be from a town in the Midwest.  They couldn’t believe their national story had a local person involved.  Since I work with ABC I decided to give them “the scoop” in exchange making me look a businessman at a “tech” convention and not a pervert.  We’ll see how that goes.  Now onto the names

Anzac.com Although it sounds like a pill you take for heartburn,  it’s actually an Australian holiday among several other things.  1995 registrar with good history.

Wowza.com As a 5 letter guy you know I’m all over this one

Drowned.com Dictionary word but a little too depressing for me.  Natalie Wood fan site?

MrPussy.com If you’ve been looking for a good name for a guy that loves cats, this is your name

U12.com Great name for education or sports

ILovePoetry.com PR 4, DMOZ listed and gets daily visitors

Uploaded.net Dropbox type site or photo sharing

SouthWindsor.net A dot net but still a nice GEO with 2300 searches

NyMarathon.org I’m thinking of buying this name just to have an email address so I can fake email them and pretend like they’re receiving a special invitation to the race and will be paying them a $5,000 appearance fee

InsuranceReform.com Boy do we need this

RCPlane.com Heck of a buy at $5K

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6 Replies to “Tuesday’s Daily Hot Auction and Dropping Domain Selections”

  1. Hey Shane, thanks for the list

    When you say “PR 4, DMOZ listed and gets daily visitors”, where are you getting that info from? Surely not the NameJet listing?

    1. The “morning edition” went better. Erin from the 10 oclock is a friend but the morning crew had a great time with it. I work with that crew and they have a great sense of humor. Jamie, how do you find it? Ben didn’t quite cut it the way I would like but they have a job to do and the way you build relationships in the press is help them do their job and they’ll help you with publicity.

  2. It took me a little bit, but I used a little of your information. You said “ABC” and I know you live in Illinois. The story would include “Playboy illness”.

    Google News.. nothing, Google Realtime and bingo. Saw a tweet from the reporter who did the story, with a link.

    http://twitter.com/BenHandelman Tweet: “How do you explain to your wife you got an “illness” at the play boy mansion. This central Illinois guy had to. http://tinyurl.com/6xq4rts

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