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4 Replies to “We’ve Jumped the Shark. DomainFest Made Jay Leno’s Monologue”

  1. I’ll relay the info if it’s okay with Shane. If not,
    please delete.

    From Jay’s monologue (paraphased):

    Health officials (in L.A), are investigating the Playboy Mansion after more than 80 guests attending a party there became sick with some form of Legionnaires’ disease.

    Let me tell you something. If you spend a night at the Playboy Mansion and all you get is Legionnaires’ disease, you should consider yourself lucky.

    Bonus joke:

    While talking about Valentine’s Day, Jay said:

    “According to Glamour Magazine, 12% of married adults met their spouse online.

    The other 88% met someone else’s spouse online.”

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