Tuesday’s Daily Selection of Drop and Auction Picks

May 03 2011

There are some great names ending today but most of them are over at Boxcar.com  Probably the best list of names they’ve had since they’ve putting up names.  The 3 number dot coms alone are going to raise hundreds of thousands.   By the way, you guys jumped all over LazyHippo.com  yesterday.  12 bidders

GoWo.com Fantastic name.  You can see why I keep pushing 4.cn.  So many good names over there if you like non generics ie CVCV and numeric

SugarDiabetes.org I find I can make good money off of informational sites and with no bidders, this one is a piece of cake.  But don’t eat it if you have sugar diabetes.

Visitors.com I think under $10K is a fair price for this name.

Weening.com Weening is the act of slowly getting rid of an “A”.  This domain has completely been weened off the real way to spell weaning.  Most people don’t know that and there are plenty of other people that use this word.  1995 registration with no bidders

4GInternet.com No bidders and there are a ton of searches until 5G comes along.  Until then, a great deal at this price

InAFlash.com 1996 domain

Refinish.org What could be cooler than starting a furniture refinishing organization?  Yeah, pretty much anything.

CeJu.com A good buy under $1000

YXY.org Tough acronym letters but it will still sell for pretty good money

Cellphonecharger.net Teen Domainer gets excited about these product domains.  Me?  Yeah, but I’ve realized I’m never going to get around to developing them so I only buy names I think I can flip

If you’d like to promote your name on this list please email me.

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