Unbelievable. Adam Dicker Allegedly Continues to Take Money and Not Provide Services

Sep 25 2016

I can’t believe it is still happening.  As recently as weeks ago.  At some point this is all going to come crashing down on Adam Dicker.  It’s going to be more than just court dates and lawsuits.  I believe that if he continues that there will be a time when Adam serves jail time. Because people that prey eventually get caught.   They push and push the envelope until they push too far and leave enough evidence to convict.  Here is the latest post on Rip Off Report on Adam.  Again, its all allegations but everything against Bill Cosby at this point are allegations as well.    Here are the most recent .  It’s just ridiculous that he is still doing these types of things.


Adam Dicker Stole $5600.00 from me. I am clearly upset by this and do not want anyone else to be taken by this crook. I am in the process of having Adam charged for Fraud. Below is a very accurate account of the events that transpired between Adam and I over the past few months. 



If you are approcahed by Adam, excuse yourself. 


 This is an email from myself to Adam and a third party(Art) who introduced us. Art is a great guy and in no way should be painted with the same brush as Adam Dicker. Art was caught in the same trap as I.


From Mark:

To Adam, in response to Adam’s sudden change in heart email, essentially telling Mark he will not be paid after all.

Let’s be straight. I told you to stop contacting me. Check the text history below. I haven’t called you since. Your last communication to me is quite clear, you wanted to pay this Friday, but that has changed and that is fine. Must have been a very serious Board Meeting that you and your dogs had to make you change your mind. 
I’ve copied Art on this email because I feel he should know who you really are.

I have included our last communication, from TUESDAY September 13th. You mentioned that you wanted to sign something to ensure that you would be committed to paying the money you have stolen from me and my family.  I did not ask you to sign anything, I told you ‘ No need to contact me Adam’, to which you reply….well you can read it for yourself on your phone or in the attachment.

I am not willing to behave like a gentleman. I have been robbed by a conman, who has been stalling since he decided to remove himself from the project on August 29th. 

Chain of events – 
July 27th 2016 – Introduced to Adam Dicker via Art with the intention of striking an agreement for services related to marketing our Website Markcol.com – Agreement reached – $5000.00 Per month for Adam’s Services. Meeting notes include. I’ll admit, I was ecstatic. There is one thing you do extremely well, sell a lie.  
Adam – ‘You will be so busy you will need to hire extra staff’
Adam –  ‘You won’t believe how easy this will be for me to get your website in front of millions of people’
Adam –  ‘We will institute a number of A/B tests to ensure we have the proper landing page’
Adam –  ‘I can’t believe how easy this guy is going to fork over $5600.00’ (this is an afterthought I have had, you clearly didn’t say this, but I know what you were thinking. Not bad eh, a drive down the 401 for $5600.00)

What did we receive for our $5600.00? Nothing of an substance. I truly and honestly have been given nothing from Adam Dicker, yet Adam Dicker and his Board of Directors (small white dog, small grey dog) have come to the decision that they  will no longer be offering me a refund.

August 29th 2016 – Adam withdrawals from the Markcol.com project, on his own esteem. Asks to be removed from all access to the site and offers me an email stating we will be getting FULL REFUND (1st time) before the end of the week (Friday being September 12th 2016). I think nothing of it, find it strange that he has pulled off the job but figured he is a man of his word and has done ZERO work on the project, so a refund is only natural. Art Boyle completely  agrees.

Somewhere between August 29th and August 30th – Art Boyle calls Adam Dicker to demand an explanation from Adam and also confirm that I will be getting a FULL refund. Art is not happy, he introduced and lauded Adam’s talent to me and was an existing, paid consultant for Markcol.com for over a year. He told Adam that we would go after him personally if he dickered (sorry I couldn’t help myself) Mark around. 
August 30th 2016 – Adam Dicker calls Mark Abernethy to reinforce the fact that he will be paid a FULL REFUND (2nd time) not to worry and that he ‘didn’t know what Art was so upset about on the phone. Actually said ‘Art went crazy on me’
September 6th – Mark texts Adam to see about the refund. Adam Dicker says he will be overnighting a ‘corporate cheque’ and will send me the tracking number.
September 7th 2016- Adam Dickhead asks Mark Abernethy for his address so he can ‘overnight’ the ‘corporate cheque’. Adam Dicker says in a text message – Will send tracking number wishing the hour (11:24am). No tracking number was sent via email, text or phone. 
September 7th 2016 (10:00pm) – Mark texts Adam as he did not receive a tracking number. I am starting to smell the rat right about now. No Reply from Adam Dicker
September 8th 2016 – Adam Dickered sends a text message to Mark Abernethy at 9:00am ‘ Will send tracking code by 9:00am’. Mark Receives text message at 10:26 with Canada Post Tracking number, of which it is going to be delivered on September 12th once tracked. 
September 9th 2016 – Package arrives at Markcol Bowmanville warehouse a day early, much to the surprise of all parties involved. Adam d**k certainly didn’t expect it to come next day as he POST dated his cheque for September 12th 2016. The guy is a ‘millionaire’, or so the story goes. When is the last time I had to POST DATE a $5600.00 cheque??? The Rat smell festers and by now Mark Abernethy realizes he is not going to be paid. He has been a victim on FRAUD.
September 12th 9:00am – Mark Abernethy arrives at the Scotiabank in Bowmanville Ontario to CERTIFY the Corporate Cheque issuedby Adam Dicker and his big time Corporation with no money in his bank account. After checking the account, the Teller politely informs Mark Abernethy that there is no way she can Certify the cheque as there is NSF in the account.
In the US, issuing a check with knowledge of no money in the account is an easy fraud case.  We’ll see how this one plays out.    Read more here at Rip Off Report
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  1. Adam

    Thanks for sharing this Shane. Somewhat surprising he is still doing business but up in Canada, perhaps the story is different?

    Unfortunately several people think I am Adam DICKer because my first name is “Adam”… argh. Quite frustrating.

    Not sure I entirely understand the full story and the events here. I get that Adam was supposed to issue a check and that account insufficient funds to make the withdrawal.

    MarkCol seems to have been around for several years. Was the agreement a redesign and SEO services that were never delivered by Adam Dicker. This is what I understand. Is that correct?

    Have you talked with the owner, not via email, to understand the full story?

  2. Steve

    I think he’s decided to remain a con-man because he knows he’s ruined his reputation to point of no return. And to be honest, the way he’s acting, he doesn’t seem like he wants to change for the better.

  3. Jon

    His reputation is down the drain, quite surprised that people would still work with him after all the bs he did late last year and earlier this year. How did you pay for his service, if by credit card you can claim the funds back as you paid for a service that wasn’t delivered.

  4. Tyler J.

    This doesn’t surprise me. Since the public outting of Adam and all of the ways he has screwed people over not once has he acted genuinely remorseful, or taken full responsibility for his actions. It has been nothing but avoidance lies and more deception, as well as blame shifting. That is when I thought he must have some kind of personality disorder, narcissistic or sociopathic tendencies. People like that don’t change, they just find ways to continue scamming others. It’s very likely that he won’t stop until he is in jail, he has no money left and no regular source of income. His reputation is shot, and he is too proud to get a real job. Even if he did, his wages would likely be garnished after all the lawsuits against him.

  5. Robin

    In Canada issuing a check with nsf is fraud. That is if if it written on the current date. A post dated check is useless because then it becomes a civil matter of credit. By accepting a post dated check you have agreed to terms. Still illegal to have nsf, just handled through a different court system.

  6. Tony

    There is a small segment of the population that are psychopaths. The latest research says they can not be rehabilitated or “fixed”. They either get incarcerated or keep breaking the law. The subject of this post is one of them.

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