Domain Spotlight:

Listed below are updates on the top 10 domain sales from a year ago, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. sold for $60,001

The domain redirects to, which appears to be a parked page, but it annoyingly auto-refreshes, so I can’t tell completely what’s going on. It’s owned by an individual in China.

2. sold for $45,000

This is the home of the rebranded parent company of, which provides a WordPress security plugin. Their history includes, in part, “In 2012 we launched Wordfence, a firewall and malware scanner for WordPress which was an instant hit.” “In 2017 our corporation rebranded to Defiant which is now the umbrella company for the innovative security products that our team creates.” They continue to have a stand-alone site at, which has an Alexa rank near 36,000, while has an Alexa rank near 800,000.


3. sold for $44,000

The domain redirects to a site selling crafty products at, but it has a BIN price of $150k at Afternic.

4. sold for $43,000

5. sold for $38,006

Of the two domains above, one is parked, and one doesn’t resolve.

6. sold for $30,740

The domain translates to “bets” in Spanish, and that is what you’ll find on the site. It appears to be a referral / lead gen site, and the current version of the site focuses on Spanish betting, and they say Colombian and Mexican versions are coming soon. The site has an Alexa rank near 11 million.


7. sold for $20,500

This is the traffic leader for the week, with its Alexa rank near 500,000. A Finnish-language lifestyle site is live, and the company behind it is OP Financial Group, which operates on, and is “Finland’s largest financial services group“, which “consists of about 170 member cooperative banks, its central cooperative OP Cooperative, and the latter’s subsidiaries and affiliates. The Group has a staff of 12,000 and approximately 1.7 million owner-customers and 4.3 million customers.


8. sold for $20,000

9. sold for $18,800

10 (tie). sold for $18,000

10 (tie). sold for $18,000

Each of the domains above is either parked or doesn’t resolve.

10 (tie). sold for $18,000

This domain redirects to, which is the gambling-related site you can see below.


Domain Spotlight: