Update on Top 10 Sales from a Year Ago: Essentials.com, MBet.com, DTP.com, More

Aug 15 2015

Listed below are updates on the top ten domain sales from a year ago, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. DTP.com for $35,000

  • The domain is for sale or lease, and is owned by Scott Neuman, who I believe I’ve often seen commenting on domain blogs with his RecordWeb.com URL. “Offers are being accepted in the low to mid six figures to start negotiations. We will consider renting the domain name also.”

2. Essentials.com for $32,000

  • The domain is an upgrade from Essentials.co.uk, and it appears they’re planning a full site launch sometime later this year. “Natural Health Products and Organic Foods


3. LOA.com for $21,000

  • Domain is parked and under privacy protection. Alexa rank near 8 million.

4. STPL.com for $18,000

  • An abbreviation for Sahajanand Technologies (P) Ltd. “the company has emerged as a pioneer in the diamond industry for its hi-end engineering products


5. Experse.com for $15,000

  • A big upgrade from Experse-Online.co.za. The company description makes my simple mind hurt: “Through 25 years of integrated expertise in emulsifier chemistry, emulsion and explosive technology, application testing and related equipment, Experse has successfully-and with great pride-developed, introduced and continued to evolve its Experse polymeric emulsifier range.”


6. MBET.com for $14,940

  • A shortener for MarathonBet.com; identical sites are live at each URL. “Marathonbet is an independent sportsbook operator established in 1997.” The site has an Alexa rank near 300,000, making it the traffic leader for the week by a long shot.


7. DroneRepair.com for $10,000

  • Domain is parked. Owned by Casey Sherrard of Louisiana, and they appear to own SouthernDroneRepair.com and DroneRepairService.com, both of which are also parked.

7. ElDebate.com.mx for $10,000

  • The domain forwards to Debate.com.mx, a Spanish language news site which has an impressive Alexa rank 2,300. “News of Sinaloa, Mexico and the world in one place!


9. RHK.com for $9,975

10. 1SA.com for $9,500

  • Domain is parked and under privacy protection.
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