Recent Domain Sales That Have Been Developed (pics):,,, More

Aug 15 2015

The screenshots below are examples of buyers of domains from the last few months that have either developed their sites, or purchased an upgrade domain and have redirected their acquisition to an existing website. sold for $20,000 at Sedo, and the owner is Anthony Johnson, American Injury Attorney Group, and the domain is an upgrade from the hyphenated “The American Injury Attorney Group is committed to helping people who have been harmed by dangerous drugs and defective medical devices, as well as those who have been injured through no fault of their own in trucking accidents, auto accidents, or by dangerous products in the workplace.”

AttorneyGroup sold for $19,999 at Sedo, and the owner is Todd Ferrier, Ban.Do Designs LLC, and the domain is an upgrade from “LA design house specializing in gifts, hair accessories, tech items and FUN!

Bando sold for $10,900 at Sedo, and the owner is under privacy protection. A Chinese language eCommerce site is live, and it appears to offer everything from baby products, to makeup, to food & beverage, handbags, and more.

Joy sold for $10,791 at Sedo, and it’s another Chinese language site. This acquisition redirects to, yet the logo is branded According to Google Translate, “Million to iBusiness ( is a new B2Q e-commerce site, under the Zhejiang million to the Department of Network Technology Limited. Website using a new e-commerce model –B2Q, the pattern consists million to the Department of the founders first proposed and put into use.

B2Q sold for $9,999 at Sedo, and the owner is Matt Skerrett, Immat Ltd. You can guess what they offer — “We love a deal, scans the web to find the best deal on attractions. Check with us first before booking your tickets !”

AttractionTickets sold for $9,500 at Sedo, and the domain has been developed into a financial markets site, by an individual with a few other sites under their belt.


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