Domain Spotlight:

Listed below are updates on the top 10 domain sales from a year ago, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. sold for $50,456

A simple “United Holding” logo is live on the domain, with an owner based in Germany. The company appears to be associated with developed sites such as trading technology company, and a campsite booking site at

2. sold for $21,200

This domain appears to be affiliated with, the community for sensual lifestyle“, per Google Translate. The site has an Alexa rank near 16 million.


3. sold for $15,768

A German language gambling lead gen site is live, with an Alexa rank near 9 million.


4. sold for $12,614

A German language education site is live, and it’s the traffic leader for the week with its Alexa rank near 500,000. Per Google Translate, We are your reliable contact point for the clever arrangement of all educational spaces. Whether kindergarten, kindergarten, school or university, we plan together with you the optimal solution for your needs and your budget.


4. sold for $12,614

The domain appears to be an upgrade from, which appears to be some sort of sustainable development co-op that is under development in Munich, Germany.

6. sold for $11,000

No site resolves.

7. sold for $10,600

The domain was picked up as a shortener for, which is where the domain is redirected. Per their English language site at, “With almost 14,000 employees, the Internationaler Bund (IB) is one of the large service providers in youth, social and educational work in Europe. Its motto is ‘MenschSein stärken‘. ‘MenschSein stärken‘ means to help a person to help themselves, to (re)establish their self-suffciency and their personal pride.


8. sold for $9,500

“Located on Long Island, Innogenix is an emerging generic and specialty pharmaceutical company that identifies, develops, manufactures and markets complex and difficult-to-manufacture generic prescription pharmaceutical products.


9. sold for $9,010

Domain is parked.

10. sold for $9,000

The domain was picked up by SCP Europe, and they operate several websites, and this is one of their few descriptive domain names. Not surprisingly, the site is focused on their swimming pools and related products, and it has an Alexa rank near 2.8 million.



Domain Spotlight: