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Listed below are updates to the top ten domain sales from a year ago, as ranked by DN Journal.

Not alot of developed sites this week, in part thanks to half of the list being domains that are likely held for investment purposes, rather than being picked up by an end user for development.

1. for $150,000

  • This domain was an upgrade from, although the .com is still being forwarded to the .cn. The Chinese-language site promotes a supplement based on maca, per a translation of their site, “maca, raw materials 100% from Peru, Maca purified from the plant, the removal Maca difficult to absorb certain ingredients, Retains the essence of the plant Maca (Maca Maca-ene and amides), just to give people a truly tailor their own healthy new foods. “


2. for $115,920

  • The domain is parked, and owned by the Mike Priestner Automotive Group of Edmonton. In my opinion, they need to learn how to get a redirect in place to get any traffic to one of their other developed sites, such as

3. for $60,100

  • Picked up by someone with the last name Lea, per Whois — Tomson Lea of Los Angeles. No site is live.

4. for $49,899

  • Domain is parked and owned by Original Web Ventures, who we discussed previously as the buyer of Intranet. They own other domains such as and

5. for $45,000

  • The domain is owned by Edith Yeung of Right Ventures, which is affiliated with Dolphin Browser, which operates on, and is a mobile browser which has raised over $10 million in funding.


6. for $41,517

  • No site resolves. Owned by Bin Zhao of Millbrae, California. Prior to this sale, sold for $13,167 in August 2013, making it a very profitable flip.

7. for $38,640

  • Same situation as above —- same buyer that, in my opinion, needs to put a redirect in place to one of their developed site.

8. for $31,900

  • Domain doesn’t resolve. Owned by TOP DOMAIN LIMITED of Singapore.

9 (tie). for $30,100

  • Domain is parked. Whois shows Bill Ding of New York as the owner. The domain previously sold for $9,500 in 2011 at Sedo.

9 (tie). for $30,100

  • Domain is parked. Owned by Braden Pollock of Legal Brand Marketing. The domain previously sold for $16,500 back in 2010 at Sedo.
Domain Spotlight:

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