Update on Top 10 Sales from a Year Ago: Rankings.com, FLIO.com, More

Dec 03 2016

Listed below are updates on the top 10 domain sales from a year ago, as ranked by DN Journal. There is a major shortage of development examples this week, as the majority of the top 10 were liquid domains that are now parked and in the hands of Chinese investors.

1. 701.com sold for $205,001

Domain is parked and under privacy protection.

2. Rankings.com sold for $100,000

They describe themselves as, “Rankings.com works with industry experts to rank and award the top products on the market by applying data-driven methodologies.” The site has an Alexa rank near 1.5 million.

The domain is owned by Seattle-based company Soda LLC, with a self-stated “bold vision to reinvent the consumer experience“, and per their site, they also control the Reviews.com website.


3 (tie). 6.top sold for $93,600

3 (tie). M.top sold for $93,600

Neither of the .top domains resolve, and they’re owned by two different individuals in China.

5. ZCN.com sold for $78,077

6. LJR.com sold for $71,509

7. RSC.com sold for $66,000

8. JFS.com sold for $60,500

Each of the four LLL.com domains above are owned by individuals in China, and either the domain doesn’t resolve, or it has a simple for-sale page.

9. C.Club sold for $50,000

10. RE.net sold for $49,000

Both domains above are parked, and owned by individuals in China.

19. FLIO.com sold for $25,000

I had to drop down all the way to #19 to find another development example from this week’s list of sales.

This site, “helps you to get around, connects you to the airport’s Wi-Fi, gives you access to lounges and has great deals for food and shopping“, and has an Alexa rank near 1.5 million.


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