Update on Top 10 Sales from a Year Ago: Tou.com, Europe.org, MakeYourDay.com, More

Jul 11 2015

Listed below are updates to the top 10 domain sales from a year ago, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. Tou.com for $194,400

  • According to Google Translate, this Chinese language site is developed into a domain securitization platform. The site has an Alexa rank near 3.7 million.


2. Lurk.com for $30,420

  • The domain doesn’t resolve and is under privacy protection.

3. Liberty.ch for $28,140

  • An upgrade from Liberty-Vorsorge.ch, which is where their acquisition is redirected. “We are among the leading companies in Switzerland offering comprehensive services in the field of occupational benefits and tied pension assets. “


4. Europe.org for $23,000

  • Developed into a travel guide. Owned by Philippe DIETRICH of France. Alexa rank of 1.9 million.


5. TTS.net for $18,000

  • Domain doesn’t resolve.

6. MakeYourDay.com for $17,018

  • Owned by a company called Jollydays of Austria. A German-language adventure/trip planning guide is live, “More than 4,000 recreational experiences add variety to your everyday life. Get organized quickly and easily with your friends. And have more vitality.Alexa rank of 4.9 million.


7. FlyRouge.com for $17,000

  • Traffic leader for the week, with an Alexa rank near 350,000. Rouge is a new airline owned by Air Canada.


8. Grossiste.com for $13,132

  • The domain translates from French to English as “wholesaler”, and the site is “a matchmaking platform between French and Belgian wholesalers and retailers. Wholesalers have the opportunity to offer their products directly to sales, traders can buy merchandise from different wholesalers in one order with the guarantee of delivery. No charges are applied to buyers.


9. Campings.uk for $12,675

  • Domain is parked, and owned by a “CREATIWEB SRL” of Italy.

10. Fumetti.it for $12,060

  • You can see the lander below. According to Google Translate, the website title translates from Italian to “Buy and sell comics online“.


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