DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Sunday, July 12th, 2015

Jul 12 2015

OK.  I’m addicted to Periscope.  Last night I watched UFC, saw the U2 concert, the Rascal Flats concert, two girls driving down the road playing truth or dare, and a few other things I wanted and didn’t want to see.  The Internet is a crazy crazy place and man do I love it.  Enjoy your Sunday. Here are today’s names.  21 years old.  I for Insane.  Or international  No reason to be this high. Somebody fill me in  Legal or illegal doesn’t stop most people but site owner can guide them to the legal side.  16 years old. One bidder  Pretty self explanatory.  $12 bid at press time.  Although you can buy a horse for $12  Vacancy in spanish   English getting Chinese like bids  Ditto here   $450 is a bottom price for NLL.coms.  This is at half that  No bidders.  Great marketing name for a company that is quick about something  The internet is built on sharing.  Of course in person most people are selfish and don’t acknowledge others around them unless they are bothering them.  I sound like a grumpy old man don’t I?  Biggest name on the GD board IMO.  People buy hundreds of millions of dollars on scratch off lottery tickets and this is what they call them  I can’t believe I’m saying this but I think this may be undervalued.  It has a 4 but worth a bit more   This one will eventually cross $1000 IMO    Even three letter .cc are going for $5K  Of course this is at $30K

VERIFIED GODADDY COUPON CODE: $1.99 New Registration Godaddy STATE  Based on 5% of dot values, this one should be in the $1500 area IMO  One of the best dot infos you can buy.  Reserve met  Obvious use.  Price is cheaper too.  But reserve isn’t met  Crazy that this one doesn’t have a bid at $1

SEDO’s Live Auctions Going on Now  A ton of things would use this name.  Colleges use edu but its the first thing that comes to mind  20 years old.   Who doesn’t want to have some net fun?  Except maybe some fish  Two Vs for the price of one   They’re cute.  They just can’t breathe. And for that reason…..I’m out  Only 5 bidders for a name that represents something every …single…person has  I see this as a brand, not a company that sells it.  Good for dusting  Decent name.  Health is always a good investment  I think it deserves more than 19 bidders.


Have a name at auction and need more exposure? Send me an email. I Charge $10 per name per day. We may be able to help. If you have an auction you want to promote, email us for details.*All names chosen by me, Shane . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything I say is based on my own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or my opinion is corrects

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  1. Asogwa

    Chidi is just a Nigerian first name,common with only the ibo tribe. personally I don’t see much value in it. But I think Chinese love chi name, you know the tai-chi masters.

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