Update on Top 10 Sales from A Year Ago This Week: Shoot.com, OSA.com, Trek.com, Radio.co, More

Jun 13 2014

Listed below are updates to the top 10 sales from a year ago this week, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. Trek.com for $245,000

  • An upgrade from TrekBikes.com, which is where this acquisition is redirected. A manufacturer of road, mountain and casual bikes and related gear. (I’ve owned a couple of their bikes, and loved them.)
  • The domain was brokered by Peter Etjel, who was peddling some of Eric Borgos’ domains earlier this week on Flippa.


2. Shoot.com for $80,000

  • “Shoot.com is a brand new approach to connecting professional photographers to clients – Art buyers, Picture editors and Business worldwide. Shoot.com is thinking head and providing a service that enables Photographers to work in this fast progressing digital era.” (Typo is theirs, not mine.) Alexa rank near 2.2 million.


3. OffMarket.com for $41,000

  • Domain doesn’t resolve, and is under privacy protection.

4. Emeraude.com for $28,000

  • A simple ‘under construction’ page resolves, and it appears to be an upgrade for the folks behind Emeraude-International.com. “Emeraude has been distributing polymers and chemical products since 1986. Having started off as a French family firm, we specialize in working in both emerging and mature markets. We now export to over 60 countries, on 4 continents, mainly in Africa, Middle East, Indian Sub Continent, South East Asia and Europe.”

5. LuxuryClub.com for $25,000

  • “Luxury Club is an exclusively tailored rewards program for an exceptional luxury shopping experience.” “By becoming a member of the Luxury Club, customers can accumulate points on every purchase made at any Paris Gallery and Watch Gallery store in the U.A.E.” Alexa rank near 5.8 million.
  • Yes, there are .club and .luxury extensions……neither is affiliated with LuxuryClub.com.


6. Meaning.com for $20,000

  • A “This Site Is Under Construction and Coming Soon.” from NetSol page is live. Owner under privacy protection.

6. OSA.com for $20,000

  • An upgrade from the .hk. Their tagline is, “Fashion club of white-collar“, but there is nothing live other than the lander. Whois shows a Chinese owner – “Osa Family Clothing Co”.


8. CenterSquare.com for $17,500

  • An acquisition for a subsidiary of Bank of New York Mellon, which is a publicly traded company with a market cap near $40 billion.  Traffic leader for the week, with an Alexa rank near 1.8 million. They smartly acquired the domain right before announcing their rebranding from “Urdang”. “Founded in 1987, CenterSquare Investment Management (formerly Urdang) is an investor in, and manager of public, private, global and U.S.-only real estate investment strategies. CenterSquare is the real estate investment subsidiary of BNY Mellon.”


9. BeachVillas.com for $15,000

  • Owned by “Agni Travel Ltd”. The site that is live promotes the Agni Animal Welfare Fund.

9. Radio.co for $15,000

  • You can see the simple placeholder below. Owner under privacy protection.


9. Skinco.com for $15,000

  • Skinco® Colombit has been dedicated to improve the building material products since 1967, focusing in fibercement and rotomoulding technologies. Skinco® Colombit creates environments that provide both comfort and welfare. Always implementing the latest technologies in all its processes, Skinco® Colombit systematically aims to grow its knowledge, experience and human factor.” Owned by Belgian holding company Etex. Alexa rank near 14 million.


9. TopUp.in for $15,000

  • An acquisition by the owner of the .com in order to focus on the Indian market. Alexa rank near 11.6 million. “a global recharging service where you can add minutes instantly to prepaid mobile phones from over 250 different carriers in 100+ countries.” They’re pouncing all over related domains, such as TopUps.com, TopUp.net, CellTopUp.com, WebTopUp.com, iTopUp.com, and many more.


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