Update on Top 10 Sales from a Year Ago: Uber.org, PersianRugs.com, Xili.com, More

Jan 02 2015

Listed below are updates to the top 10 domain sales from a year ago this week, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. IA.ca for $58,590

  • No site resolves. Owned by a company with IA as its initials — Industrial Alliance, an insurance and financial services company that currently has its site at INALCO.com.

IA.com is available for sale, but rest assured that it will cost much, much more….

2. XiaoXiao.com for $51,688

  • A simple placeholder in Chinese says that the domain is available for sale. “Xiao Xiao” is the name of a cartoon series.

3. OnBroadway.com for $50,000

  • Alexa rank near 5.2 million. OnBroadway.com is a new online community founded by theater enthusiasts and dedicated to everything in the Broadway universe.Listed for sale at Afternic for a cool million, and the owner is under privacy protection.


4. Uber.org for $36,000


5. GetCash.com for $33,901

  • Domain is parked and owned by a “Frontline Media” of Chicago.

6. Xili.com for $32,500

  • Appears to be a Chinese-language gaming site, and the owner is under privacy protection. Alexa rank near 20 million.


7. PersianRugs.com for $28,204

  • An upgrade by an owner of the .org, which per Whois is “Yash Z” of Cambridge, Massachusetts. After the acquisition, the new owner had an interesting quote, ““We acquired one of the oldest and most valuable domains in the industry, PersianRugs.com, registered in 1995. It is currently the world’s most valuable premium Iranian domain name after Iran.com. Persian Rugs are one of the largest exports of Iran. These rugs have attained an elite status as the best in the world. Some private appraisal services have evaluated the domain alone to be worth over $500,000 dollars.”


8. FoodGuide.com for $23,601

  • The domain is parked, and owned by “M J Norris Investments” of Australia, per Whois. Was recently listed on Flippa; bidding got up to $15,500, but it didn’t sell.

9. CustomCars.com for $22,600

  • Not site resolves. Per Whois, it’s owned by “JeanPIerre Khoueiri” of Miami, FL.

10. MyTicket.com for $20,000

  • No site resolves. Owned by a Carlos Anaya of Mexico, per Whois. According to his website, their company focuses on events in the entertainment business.
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  1. KC

    Xili.com(喜力国际娱乐城). While it is a Chinese site, its About Us page (translated below using Google Translate) is quite interesting: Offshore gambling?

    “Heineken International Casino is Asia’s largest gaming software provider “BBIN” technology together to create high-quality gaming platform, access to the Philippine government-certified legal online betting company. We comply with all the gaming business behavior are betting the Philippine government treaty.”

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