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Using Craigslist to Make Money……..No Not Doing That

barry-gibbCraiglist is an amazing site.  You can get anything and I mean anything you want.  Yes that too,  but when it comes to business I’ve had great success finding people with specific skills.  No not those skills. Some of the skilled people I’ve found (or our company) on craiglist over the years

1. An actress for a video blog.  She even got hired by ABC

2. A photographer to take pictures of a certain city for a geo site.  I needed a bunch of pictures for my site but didn’t want fly there or use stock so I hired someone cheap to drive around and get me 20 specific shots

3. Content writers for my plant sites. I live on a college campus and use the local Craigslist to find them all the time

4. Girls for photos.   It was a little weird and ended up letting an employee handle this but I needed cute girls in our websites’ shirts and easily found them cheap  (ChefPatrick uses this method as well)

5. Designer   I use online websites now for this but a few years ago I used craiglist to find a local guy.  It worked out well but he graduated college and still haven’t found anyone as good and as cheap

Be prepared to have to weed though people but among the trash is treasure.  I do get creepy people responding to the ads all the time but when it comes down to finding someone I am always amazed what I find.  Living on a college campus also seems to help. There are tons of poor, talented people living within 5 miles of me and Craiglist seems to be the most read of all the publications.  They don’t read the local paper and half don’t read the student paper.  They do seem to use craigslist.  I suggest you do as well

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  1. I’ve also listed some domain names for sale on CraigsList. Not much luck but I only tried it once. I check it every so often for deals on names as well.

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