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A Few Nice Domains Dropping Thursday and a few Links

Was a fantastic day in my “real” job.  Broke the all time record for daily sales today.  It’s a great feeling hitting such a high number, especially after the financially challenging year from last year.  In the last three DAYS my company had the same amount of sales I had for an entire year 15 years ago.   I’ve always had a big picture of what I wanted to do but it’s really the employees that made it happen and if the month continues the way it’s started they all will be highly rewarded for their efforts.  My May online sales are on tap to break records as well.  Those plant domain purchases over the years are now starting to pay dividends.  Enough of my bragging, on to the dropping names I “get” 4L dot coms but I’ve never gotten this pattern but I don’t fight it and still buy them because they have held their value and always seem to fetch solid prices Some same Apps are the new online.  This would certainly be a great name to discuss and sell them Very popular last name.  And there may be a few women that spell Cheryl this way HUGE name.  Unfortunately I’m getting closer to the age where I actually may need this.  The exam not the domain Another name with tons of bidders.   I wouldn’t pay a ton for it but it appears that plenty of people would $7500 valuate.  I always wanted to be a trashman (seriously) but the mafia bought all the dumps and ruined my dreams Have a salt water tank.  Then you’ll know what this is


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