Domain Spotlight:…. Great Site And You’ll Be Amazed Who the New Posterboy Is

I was watching television the other night and saw one of the better 60 second commercials in a while. The first thing that caught me was the length.  Sixty second spots are not something you see very often anymore.  The background music was a cover of “Break Away” by Kelly Clarkson with different “heartwarming” scenes portraying families and special events.  It was nice.  Not the typical comedy that every company feels is necessary to sell something on television. It turns out it was a commercial for  A great keyword domain being put to good use. It was nice seing a site pushing good old traditional values, something that went away with the invention of the internet. Hardwork, Sportsmanship, Dedication.   You remember those, don’t you.

Since then, I’ve noticed a few billboards around Chicago and her in town. I don’t know who’s funding the site or the advertising but it sure is a nice change of pace from the meth advertising.  Another thing I noticed is one of the billboards that is coming out soon looks familiar but I just can’t place who it is.  Any how, I’ve always been a proponent of saving razors and I’m glad they’ve pushed forward with the campaign


Domain Spotlight:

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