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You’ve Heard it 20 Times…Are You Finally Going to Take a Look?

If Andrei of decides he wants to get out of domaining and into PR I think he could easily find a job.  Pretty much every domain blog has listed the fact that he and DomainTips have teamed up with Snapnames/Moniker to auction off a fine list of keyword/generic domains. It’s just not official until it’s posted here. Before I go into the details of the auction I want to point out why he’s received so much coverage.  He sent out a personal email to each person and asked nicely.  No form letters, just a nice email asking if I could get the word out.  See how easy it is.  Now my 2 cents on the auction.  First of all, I wanted to remind everyone that the auction ends Tuesday and it really is worth taking a look at some of the names.  The names have already drawn some nice bids with at $9645 (was at recent TRAFFIC auction with a reserve of $50K) …… at $7750… $7240……  $4940 (HUGE bargain at this price) …..and at $3595.    Most bidders like to wait until the last moment so I expect to see a lot of action on Tuesday morning.

I think people are underestimating the value of the spanish .mx extensions.  From camas (beds) to bufandas (scarves) there are some great names.  People in Mexico prefer use the .mx for local web traffic and yes there are a lot more Mexicans on the internet than you realize.  Here are a few of the other names I like  (electric heated boots just hit market this year from Columbia) (tables)


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  1. Haha, I love the title, thanks a lot for blogging about the auction Shane. The thing is, I need 6 figures to fund an extremely important project of mine, so auctioning my portfolio and going with extremely low reserves is practically the only option. I could have obviously made a lot more money by selling the domains one by one but that would have taken a lot of time and delaying the project is not an option. I had to choose between two scenarios:

    1) Sell lots of great domains on the cheap
    2) Sell domains one by one and delay the project I told you about again and again… and again

    I have a lot of confidence in the project I’ll be investing in (I’ll be blogging about it as a case study btw) and have decided that I’d actually be losing more money in the grand scheme of things by delaying it. As a result, the domains are on the table.,,,,, and 104 others, all of them with a starting bid of less than $10k: need I say more?

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