Wednesday’s Big Bag of Domains at Auction or Dropping 11/16/11

Nov 16 2011

“This domain is not for sale”.  That’s what it says when you go to   I’m sure Clifford Skolnick, the owner of,  is most likely trying to protect his asset,  but EVERYTHING is for sale.  I love people that play the “I’m not interested” game so I offered him $1000.  I should be the owner soon. Now onto today’s names When it starts with US it automatically has a value over $500 Dot info is seeing a bit of a resurgence here over the last month. At $440 and I think it will hit $1000 If I own I would absolutely be buying this one.  But in reality you would want to own even more Worth more than $69 Verb dot me are always a decent investment. Even if it has to do with hair extensions Not sure what the 6500 searches are looking for but has to have at least the $79 starting price in value Everyone is looking for one.  Maybe not on dot net but I can think of a couple million worse dot nets. A drop and a value buy under $100 A twitter type name and although not going to make you rich, the price looks right.

Names found using and make sure to sign up for Justin’s sales list for more great daily names

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