Wednesday’s Big List of Domains At Auction and Dropping On the Internets 1/4/12

Jan 04 2012

A pretty nice mix today.  From a PR7 and PR6 domains to some strong 4 letter dot coms, there’s something for everyone today.  Enjoy One of the best workout domains I’ve come across.  BUT……it’s already at $5K so I won’t be the one buying it. A valid PR7 is you like these type of things Maybe you’d like to save a little money and downgrade to this PR6 1997 Domain.  The z has become so common that it’s almost not a typo anymore.  “Is that babes with a s or a z?” Already over $1500 and climbing.  I wish I was ahead of this cloud domain thing.  Never saw it coming. I love this name.  It wanted to go into sports marketing out of college but of all the businesses to get into at the time it was WHO you knew, not WHAT you know.  I guess that’s true in a lot of businesses 1999 Domain.  Video is a great word and of all the letters D is probably the best and you could hack 3.DVideo Another one I thought I would get cheap but 10 bidders all over it.  Great brand No bidders but I like it.  Works for me at $69.00 And did for someone else the last 10 years until recently. 17 years old and expensive. I’m thinking Kickstarter for new boobs. Certainly describes your company.  You just better be the fastest.  12 year old domain and practically free I don’t think this price is a bad deal for a 14 year old domain I think this got a little more valuable when Siri came out

Per usual, I found these domains using dropday if you’re looking for a little help

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  1. Andrew Douglas

    The thing is, you don’t really have to be the ahead of every trend. You just have to know where to look for inexpensive names… drop auctions, fixed price listings, etc. I was ahead of a couple of trends but I’ve caught up on some just through research.

  2. Jason Davis

    Thanks for mentioning I bought that a few years back on an ebay auction. I think I paid 28 bucks for it. I bought it because I thought it sounded like a good catchy name for a personal blog. I had never heard of cloud computing or anything related to it when I bought it. Sometimes you get lucky. Thanks again for mentioning it.

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