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Wednesday’s Big List of Domains at Auction and Dropping On the Net Today

Morning Folks.  Just kidding.  I had a few end of year meetings this week and pulled in some great marketing feedback for the year.  I’ll share later in the week the successes we had in the brick and mortar world and on the net.  I only spent $50K this year and yet had twice the impact of last year (spent about the same)  by changing up some things.  It feels good to actually have marketing dollars do their job.  Sometimes it feels like you throw it into a fan and hope someone catches something.  Here are today’s names. Lucas may get you but still a great name for a Star Wars fan.  You could in a package deal. Sounds like a all male singing group from Cambridge Mass At $110 this is a deal….and I picked it. Sounds nice but boring.  What do I know though, it has 31 bidders who think otherwise. No lie.  Some of my best shirts are good will.  They’re a hell of lot better made than the $90 junk at gap and back in fashion.  Yeah, one of the shirts I wear to DomainFest will be from Goodwill aka Classic Shirt Store I live on a college campus and know it’s one of the greatest places to live.  I get older and the girls stay the same age. This 11 year old name just got value with the new tld.  Great domain sales name for $12 If I own a PR company, I change my name to this. I’ll give you a whole site idea.  Buy this.  Make a grid of all football games and the weather at each stadium. Easy traffic. Not sure how you monetize it but I’d love to watch and see

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  1. In regards to, just found a site doing exactly what you mentioned and it is monetized with various online sportsbook affiliate offers etc. Their pitch, “Keep an eye on the weather leading into the weekend NFL games…to get the jump on the lines-makers…”

  2. @Jerry, good call on the typo. Wasn’t sure what you were talking about, so looked it up…guess I need to get back to my Star Wars roots.

    LOVE…especially this late in the (fantasy) football season when it’s time for (fantasy) playoffs and weather plays a huge part. I’ve used for this before and you can find this service on if you dig deep enough, but both seem to be pretty half-assed attempts. Fantasy is life! Speaking of…do any of you play ESPN’s salary cap league, the Gridiron Challenge?? Easily the most addictive/frustrating fantasy football I’ve ever played.

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