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Wednesday’s Big List of Domains At Auction, Dropping, Or For Sale Around the Net 3-7-12

I’ve been doing these lists a while and today was one of the toughest days I’ve had.  There were hardly any names that I like.  I had to go through the forums and other random places to find good names.  Man I hope tomorrow is better.  Don’t plan on getting rich on any of these.  Then again, after seeing some of the domains that people email me to evaluate, these are incredible. Thanks for looking. Exactly the kind of parties I am not invited to.  Interesting name for sale.  Don’t bother making any offers under $10K though as I found out.   Another repeater and collectible domain.  It’s a dot net but 90,000 searches for $69 isn’t a bad deal Possibly trademark issues from the string trimmer company but I DO like the name. and 1995 birthday make it worthy of the list I really don’t buy porn names. But if somebody is going to build this out I would volunteer to be a beta tester. For no other reason than to help a fellow domain investor. No bidders  If you look up on Google you’ll see quite a few businesses that could use this domain as an improvement Since I can’t find much else I figured I would go through CAX and saw this. Big word for a fair price. Today’s world is all based on influence. Ok, now I like better. At $150 with some bidders. I like tires. I got 4 of them on my car. And one in the trunk.

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3 Replies to “Wednesday’s Big List of Domains At Auction, Dropping, Or For Sale Around the Net 3-7-12”

  1., huh?

    I always wanted to get 4 X the P I historically have been able to get.

    I guess here’s my chance. 🙂

  2. $395 55 Bids $12 1 Bid $250 41 Bids
    Some Others: $405 46 Bids $1300 110 Bids $281 34 Bids $11,105 54 Bids

  3. $615 46 bids $551 44 bids $506 20 bids $1604 81 bids $350 13 bids $430 17 bids $1055 41 bids

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