MixEnergy’s Interview with Brandon Abbey for Escrow.com Is Certainly Worth Watching

Mar 06 2012

Elliot beat me to the punch earlier today with this great video of Brandon Abbey from Escrow.com but he was having trouble embedding. For some reason it worked pretty well for me and I certainly don’t mean to steal his thunder but here it is. Ironically, Elliot was the person that introduced me to Brandon Abbey. Not that I don’t enjoy talking to younger people but I have to admit it was nice to talk to someone that remembered watching games at Soldier Field when there was still astroturf. His story is fantastic and he went from not having a job at 50 to at 62 being an integral parts of one of the great Internet companies. He is old school smart and he certainly gets domain investing.  It’s made life a whole easier for all of us on the Internet.  You also have to listen to the story about how Escrow was traded for a payment due.


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