Wednesday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 5-16-12

May 16 2012

Half of May has gone away and its been a heck of a month. Great sales, great weather, and not any time to spend money so building bank. Speaking of bank. I’m built a little and if you are looking to sell some NNNN.coms for a little cash flow let me know. I’m looking to flip a few names but in order to flip I need a good price. The trade off is I pay quickly. Only dot coms, only nnnn.coms, and only reseller prices. Pretty simple rules yet pretty sure I’ll get emails all day. Now here are the names I found for today. The good names were harder to find but that’s what’s great about domaining. The days that there aren’t any great names are usually the days you uncover a few solid domains for a cheap price. Maybe today is that day…..but probably not.

uHog.comI’m used to be called a pig but this is closed enough Payday loans are a big keyword and this is the perfect payday loan name

OnSiteCorporateMassage.comI passed this the first time but then realized that this is a real business model   Two simple words.  12 years old domain and no bidders.  The perfect domain  Haven’t met many non profit prostitutes but then again I really have never met any prostitutes  A city in China and you want to own cities in China  Not sure how many fish farms are in the market for domain but you’ll find out I guess  I haven’t been called this in 20 years and usually had Mr. in front of it.  More of a blog type name than a business

LuckySnapper.comNot a real valuable name but a fun one.

OutInLeftField.comCommon sayings. By common I mean you may hear it 7 or 8 times in your lifetime but everyone will know the meaning when you do Can’t believe there aren’t more people on this one  At $4400 which seems to be pretty close to the entry level price of a


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