Domain Spotlight: Reports The Sale of for $632,772

I just received an email from proudly announcing that they had just finished brokering the sale of for 4,000,000 RMB or approximately $632,000 which would put it at number two on the annual sales chart compiled over at DnJournal. has always been known as the king of the numeric domains and this past year has been no exception.DnJournal also reported the sale of last week and its no surprise they are one of the bigger clients of

Congrats to the buyers, sellers, and on this fantastic sale.  The numeric domain market is thriving.

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7 Replies to “ Reports The Sale of for $632,772”

  1. Gambling site with huge revenues. Will never sell but is worth 8 figures domain alone. 10 figures with the website up to infinity. Great sale. Hope they move it from a parked site.

  2. Great sale. The relevance to the number 9 in China is pretty interesting. According to the Wikipedia entry (not sure about the accuracy):

    “The number 9 was historically associated with the Emperor of China…the nine bestowments were rewards the Emperor made for officials of extraordinary capacity and loyalty, while the nine familial exterminations was one of the harshest punishments the Emperor sentenced; the Emperor’s robes often had nine dragons, and Chinese mythology held that the dragon has nine children. It also symbolizes harmony.”

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