Wednesday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 5-30-12

May 30 2012

The names keep coming on the daily list.  I think I’ve set a new record for straight days of this list. I haven’t checked but I think its been since I went to Vegas so I’ve put out 90 straight or close.  Today’s list isn’t the strongest but there are a few keepers in there.  Enjoy We all know how many of us can use one of these  This one has a chance of going over $10K.  Look how many bidders it already has and where the current bid is at   I’ve mentioned several times how well data recovery keywords pay.  I guess you could recover anything. 1997 birthday   A bit nichey but strong name for offering hard to find songs  32 bidders like this one as well  Not sure of the value but cool looking  Non conjugated verb which means to screw or fuc# in Spanish.   Yes I used the word conjugated.  Have you ever seen how old the general public is getting?  Invest in anything that caters to them.  Adult wipes are going to double in sales   I may be partial because we have a county, a school, and several businesses with this in the title.  Somebody likes it though because with only two bidders it has $500  Don’t see many NN.nets come across the wire very often   One of my favorite Mexican restaurants  Not very many bidders so this deal of the day name could be yours cheap.  Ironically could be the deal of the day

I will only cost you 99 cents if you think you can hand register something better Here you go, just put in the code INDY500 and it’s only .99 cents a year at Godaddy

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