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Daily SitePicks: Wednesday’s Hot List of Websites Up For Auction Around the Net

I’ve been inspired by a lot of the sites I’m seeing over at Flippa to work more on my own sites. Tia Wood was nice enough to work on a new template for many of my new plant sites and I think it should really get some Google love but more importantly, the love of the people that seek info and photos of plants. Hopefully it will get a few clicks and leads. But I’ve also saved myself a lot of time by buying finished sites and here’s a list of some sites that I think may present an opportunity to save some time and make some money. Francois probably wouldn’t like this one but it IS making $10,000 a year as a free directory. Also gets 10,000 uniques and 50,000 pageviews a month.    It is a pagerank 4 site with 8 million inbound links.  All stats are verified and many of you may know this owner. From our friend DomainMagnate. PR4 site that is averaging $100 a month in profit. Used to be a blog at currently has roughly 1800 subscribers. WordPress back end so should be easy to manage. Owner says it used to make $500 back at its peak. As we all know, some of the best money making opportunities have come from people wanting free stuff.   Site has some great age.  Started in 1999.  I think what I like most about this one is the fact it has 25,000 opt in newsletter subscribers.  That’s huge in the work at home category.  Owner says the site adds 20-25 new subscribers per day.   Site makes roughly $2000 per month.  On the downside, the traffic isn’t very good.  Only 7500 per month.  It seems like the newsletter may have more value than the site.   Plenty of opportunity with this site and look like you could get it for under 1 year’s profit   I hadn’t thought about kites for years until I ran across this site.  It looks like it took a hit in the latest Google updates but still gets 4K a month with 40,000 pageviews.  Seller has stats to prove it averages $600 a month in profit. The reserve is less than 5 months income so it’s certainly worth looking at.  Even better if you love kites

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  1. Quick glance – looks to have nice upside. Lots of potential for improvement. Starting with site design. Put out a stellar newsletter that sells and drives traffic back to the site. Blast out to the social channels. Increase revenue and profit in short order.


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