Wednesday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 6-27-12

Jun 27 2012

If it seems like I haven’t been writing as much its because I haven’t.  For some reason the lists are taking me a lot longer.  Maybe I’m tired, maybe I’m trying to find names the other lists aren’t, or maybe I’m searching harder for my own names.  Probably a little of each.  I have been concentrating on buying names to flip and its been very successful as of late.  99% have been numerics and very short.  The types I like are coming up for sale at  They’re not cheap but they are very much liked by over a billion people and that’s the kind of numbers I like.  Here are today’s names. Enjoy  I think this is the oldest domain I’ve ever seen on Namejet.  From 1989  The trend to finding is local.  Great name for this and no bidders at this point.  13 year old domain  Talk about buying early.  Of course no bidders on this 1995 domain  Great site design brand  I’ve seen it in action.  It was a 36 row. 120 foot corn planter. If that’s not power farming I don’t know what is   Braden is going to be all over this one  You never see thrifty Dads for some reason.  This one is already up to $500   Two eights means great.  Only going up in value with time (opinions may or not be correct)  Oh what a difference a 4 makes at the end  My guess is that it will take $75K  or so to meet reserve on this nice  Same here  Can’t imagine it will stay this cheap in the final minutes 2004 Birthday and another one of those names with “the” then noun that is fetching a decent price The name of a few restaurants and bars which are named after a type of cheap metal. 16 year old domain Easy brand to remember and has the word phone in it. 14 year old domain and no bidders My kit includes $5 and a diet Coke. 14 year old domain and who doesn’t love sherpa domains? Great price for a

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