Thursday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 6-28-12

Jun 28 2012

Today is one of the days that domain investors like.  A huge crop of solid names which means a few will drop through the cracks and go for a good price.  Too many to list but I sure gave it a try.  Congrats to payborg, airborg, and jetborg for being on the Namejet list for the 250th straight day.  Here’s today’s list  The county of the Jersey Shore.  I always forget that Jersey is on the ocean.  It seems like it should be on some man made lake or something.  Sure there’s a dash but there are no bidders on this one.  15 years old and recycling is only going to be more prevalent as we continue to produce all this trash.  Wall-E anyone?  1996 Birthday.  The home keyword is nice as well as the fit.  We all know everyone buys home fitness stuff but never use it. You normally can’t go wrong with a 17 year old A 17 year old girl? That’s going to be a problem  One of the best NNNN.coms to come up for auction is quite a long time  And I would say the same thing about this A very special name  So much for Q being a bad letter.  At $73,000 and hasn’t met reserve  Solid classifieds name.  14 years old.  Low bidders  As a man that is in the sun all day, I hope this field advances quickly  Really surprised to find this many bidders. Speaks for the liquidity of CCC.coms   my favorite “A cardboard belt is a waist of paper” HUGE name. I’m in until $3K Almost all kids have to take Driver’s Ed or Driver’s Prep. Great buy at $18 If you like PR6 domains then you will like this one. Thousands of backlinks and a little bit of traffic This PR5 domain is at only $32 at press time  Very nice brand.  People say video is the future but I see pictures being the ideal medium because every generation seems to have a little less attention span  Sayings have been doing very well.  I have sold a few “terms” lately and I have purchased them in the $500 range and sold for $1500.  Good enough return in my book.  Once again, the Chinese names sits atop the board as a name with the most bids   I put it up here because of the low amount of bids

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