Wednesday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 7-11-12

Jul 11 2012

Evidently my blog is getting popular.  Not because of the increased traffic but because of the 10 plus emails a day from readers for advice. I will try and get to all of them but if I don’t get back to you in a few days make sure to email again.  I never miss an email twice 🙂  Now on to the names  I’ve included more brandables lately because they seem to be doing well and I keep finding quite a few with no bidders The Chinese LOVE lottery and anything gambling as a culture Great brand for a kids line I’ll guess this one ends at $800  I might be biased because I love blueberries but Maine is known for their blueberries. No bidders   A lot of Maldonados in New York and Florida  They won’t ruin your furniture and make you house smell.  You also won’t be “that guy” that brings his dog over to your house when you have him over to dinner Most will like this just because it’s 17 years old and a  No bidders makes this easy Pretty sounding name.  It’s a game but there are no trademarks.  1999 birthday.  Very few Cheap name, nice saying  This is going to take a person with big balls to use this domain….or a good track record   Pretty obvious what this one is good for  Means business, trade, commerce in Italian.  Already at $1000 and deservedly  Great celebrity site name.  Celebrities ARE today’s royalty.  13 years  old and no bidders  Not sure much value but 13 years old and two short words.  Might be better as FairTradeWear.  Still see value here  58 bidders so this MUST be a nice one  Good as gold

Go Daddy Deal of the Week:Get 20% off your order! Offer expires 7/17/12.

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  1. em

    One of my favourite domains is coming up for drop tomorrow. I think it’s worthy of your list.

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