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Wednesday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 7-25-12


Easy money yesterday with Apple missing numbers.  It’s like clockwork.  People stop buying phones the quarter before everyone expect new phone to come out.  Phone comes out and they crush numbers.  This method only fails when the phone doesn’t come out.  It was safe, easy money by selling calls.  Stock goes up, my stock goes up and and hold calls until time takes all the premium out.  Stock goes down and I keep call money and make volatility.  Bought the calls back and now I just hope the iPhone 5 comes out Sept/Oct.  Now back to what you came here for, the names. 14 year old These names with the W tend to go over $200 so a little room here  Already at $500 before the auction starts  Like this one a lot.  Very brandable generic  There is a builder called Premier Homes in every city  the 5L market is hot.  This one would have had very few bidders last year and now look 13 years old. Finding an assistant is hard enough, a “good” assistant, almost impossible. If that doesn’t work you could go with One a away from a million dollar name. Hard to believe that the A makes it worth only $12 $150 so far on this one. Again, I think this has room to run and still stay fair Monkey watchers. Have fun monetizing this one One of you will want this I’m sure I don’t like these guys but the domain’s OK  As I keep saying, these 3 character dot coms have great liquidity and seem to keep a range  A beautiful name for the wishing and hoping gamblers out there  High paying keyword that works with dot org because you are pretending to help  CVCFakeVowel   Not very many bidders here so may go cheap

For those of you that want to hand register a name instead I found a $2.95 Godaddy Code HERE

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  1. Yes hard to believe an “a” is the difference between $12 and 12 Million. Whenever I see domains like this I still can’t believe that a simple letter makes such a difference. No matter how many times I see them, I still can’t believe it and I have seen thousands.

  2. Also must say a brilliant trade and understanding of seasonals and new technologies.

    Your site has such a huge value to it. If people could read between the lines they would see that as well.

    I don’t even domain anymore and still see huge value in your site.

    Your site is worth coming to even without the domain factor!

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