Wednesday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 8-1-12

Aug 01 2012

Today starts a new month. I will say that July was rough in the nursery world, pretty darn good in the domaining world. We had record heat and record dry. All time records. Not much incentive to buy plants. The only positive is so many things are dying that we should have some good sales next spring. While all my domain numbers were down compared to May and June, I did have record profits those months so it was going to be tough to match any way. July was still 8 times the profits of the same month the year before. August is set to be one of the best ever because I have a 5 sales pending that will hopefully close this month. I also closed a nice yesterday. I have been concentrating on the short names with much success. Like a trader, I am trying do bigger flips, less percentage profit but make a few thousand on each and keep turning. The only pain in the ass is the 60 day thing but I have been able to sell some domains and push. As long as they are at a major registrar, most people don’t have a problem. And finally DomainShane had 42,000 visitors. Down from a few months ago but double July of last year. Not too bad. That’s a month end summary. Here are today’s names. Popular Data, 16 years old. Pop was a popular term 5 years ago but still works in my mind  We DO have a few of these in the US.  Org may actually work better than dot com here.  1996 domain  I would imagine that the Lions Club would have a little interest in this Anything touch has some value with everything being touch screen. Ironically registered in 1997, way before the touch trend I would think you could sell it for $500 to someone with a last name of Borus for an email  Two short words.  We have a dealer locally with this name  I thought this would have a few more bidders but I guess it doesn’t pass the radio test  All good letters.  My guess for final price is $450  Considered the best view.  Good Brand or Site name  Never been to Burma.  Actually had to look on the map to see exactly where it is.  But I do know this is a good domain  Financial planner is better but this one is good I have no idea why this is getting so many bidders.  I’m the kind of guy that gets in line for something just because there is a long line. A popular (or not so popular) site that was used to share links and sites. It was featured on tech crunch Brings to mind Fiverr first but a decent 5L on its own  Sounds like a nice place to have a drink 1997 Birthday  I guess you could call this one pronounceable.  Only 3 bidders I feel like the only names I’m finding today are LLLL.coms

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  1. Olvidar

    Nice job Shane. It’s been slower for us on domain sales then it normally is most summers.

  2. Web Wise Forum

    Thanks for the list Shane.

    The ‘Pop’ prefix might be coming into fashion. I’m thinking of the popular new iPhone game SongPop!

    Might be worth investing. It’s an extremely brandable name.

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