Thursday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 8-2-12

Aug 02 2012

I used to think the trading world was full of favoritism and money hungry people but ICANN is unbelievable.  There really needs to be some kind of financial investigation and a panel set up to oversee their actions.  Over the last few months, more and more, I can’t believe how they are handling this new tld thing.  It gets worse every day.  I would hate to have my millions in control of people like them.  Scary scary thought.  Now onto the names. One of my favorite names to come up on Godaddy in quite a while. Great net name. Wish more people could spell. 16 years old  I am hoping to buy this one What good would this list be without some LLLL.coms Starting to see LLL.coms regularly on Godaddy. This one is still below the $4500 that I officially declared minimum price.  Here’s the perfect domain for your Save the Buzzards foundation. 15 year old domain Probably some trademark issues but this guy turns into Superman 1997 Birthday  No bidders.  I like it a lot.  Almost as good as adventure vacations  It’s what I love and hate about the net.  A ton of original thought and millions claiming it as their own   What I don’t like about these LLLL.coms is that they are all names that would have double letters.  Dagy should be daggy and fazy should be (which I happen to own)  They still will do well but I think others agree as there aren’t as many bidders as would be if this wasn’t true  I think Morgan already wrote this Always surprises me how much these sell for  Eventually going to be a product.  Actually already is. NO bidders  Holla  I think people still order these.  Not sure why you want to send someone to redo furniture but maybe there are other types of strippers

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  1. John

    I’ve said over and over. They are going to dilute the entire industry similar to the baseball card marketplace of the 90’s. The only names worth owning are .Com’s. It is on it’s way to becoming a fragmented disaster of a marketplace that is going to only enrich attorneys and piss off all end users, especially the larger corps who are in enhance being blackmailed to go after all the idiots who are picking up their TM extensions or having to go out and buy them before it happens. They should be spending money on awareness campaigns on the importance of a .Com and educating people on how a name can be bought and sold in the aftermarket etc.

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