Wednesday’s Big List of Sin, Domains At Auction, and Dropping Domains From Around the Net

Dec 28 2011

I’ve been receiving some nice emails about my choice of domains lately. Evidently I am on a path to Hell through my choice of humorous and genitalia based picks.  Somehow my laughing at boobie domains has touched a nerve in the Bible belt.  It really doesn’t bother me much as I’ve found that people that preach what not to do,  are most likely the ones that are doing it behind closed doors.  All it takes is opening a newspaper and looking at the political and religious leaders to prove that point.  From Martin Luther King and Jessie Jackson cheating on their wives to Larry Craig leading the anti gay crusade while being gay the whole time.   So, for those of you that enjoy the names, thank you.  For those of you that don’t, move along, there are at least 3 other people trying to do a list that you may enjoy.  Here are today’s names. Pretty useful name.  Every stadium’s seating charts in one place. Not sure you’ll get it for $89 but a nice starting bid for a Say it isn’t so.  Lando Calrissian forgot to renew? Good karate name as it is a well known Bruce Lee movie. 50 Bidders looking at this one.  I am looking too but my wife says I can only look.   Unless we’re back to talking about domains, in that case I can also buy Very historic battle site.  Very confusing name though.  Is it little or big? WARNING !TYPO  37 bidders don’t know how to spell (yes, I am a terrible speller as well) .  It’s the old rule “A before I except after Y”  Just kidding I made that up but I figured if they don’t know how to spell villains I had a good chance to pull it off. You could sell this to a Chiropractor. They don’t know they’re not doctors Great simple name. Generic TinEye It’s cool because it starts with an X Maybe I’m a bit biased living in a farming community but people around here are always looking for crop info.  No Bidders Lots of vowels is a good thing for a I think tablets have more future than mini computers but they’ll probably have them the size of a watch and this will be a hot term someday A new stock trading platform for babies.

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  1. lennard

    I like the boobie jokes and you are so right about the “preaching not practicing”!
    Then again I am from the Netherlands so I am going to Hell anyway 😉
    My whole country is built on sin 😉

    plus in between the booby jokes there are some good names and sometimes they even come cheap thanks for that.
    I got thanks to you now I need to figure out what to do with it though.

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