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Wednesday’s Big/Little List of Domain Auction and Drops

Hope everyone that is at TRAFFIC is having a great time and for those that didn’t go I hope you enjoyed actually getting a good nice sleep.  If you’ve ever gone to a domain conference you’ll learn what you gain in enthusiasm and great relationships ,you lose is complete loss of sleep.  It’s a great tradeoff unless you die from lack of sleep, then it wouldn’t.  Yesterday I tried to create my own little TRAFFIC conference since I couldn’t go.  I gave a speech and I made everyone in my family pay $600 and told them that if they wanted to prove they are really a good family member they needed to prove it and buck up.  Today’s list is awful yet again. This list is more boring than an Elliot vs Jamie dunk contest.  Now onto the names. The dot net is available as well.  Cloud names are still hot and this logo is easy (cloud and a train). Easy to remember and the type of name domainers love. Easy short and reasonable price Not sure exactly what the content would be but a word that someone would remember I’m a bit embarrassed since my Mom reads this but it’s my job and I know some crazy mother ….damn there I go again.  Sorry Mom Great name for a drop service I think $2500 is a fair price

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  1. So funny TRAFFIC for family … each pay 600 $ to prove that they are good members of Shane and they really love him …

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