Wednesday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks

Aug 31 2011

This should be the last day of the drought.  I felt like I do when I am trying to make one more sandwich out of the remaining peanut butter in the jar. You know, when you have to get in so deep you get it on your knuckles.  And you end up getting a spoon so you can get the last little bit in the cracks.  That’s how hard it was to get a list out of the names for today.  New jar of peanut butter tomorrow. Everyone is searching for this. Of course there is already one you can take.   It’s called exercise. I am always surprised how many people are looking for fight videos, especially girls fighting. Brandable and I assumed this had to already be a startup/app.  It isn’t.  Begging to be aka hunger.   Great name, still at a decent price.  13 years old Only two years old but nice name for a product.  $30 is a great investment IMO.   Mmmm I love BlueberryRidge cookies? See.  There’s no such thing as Blueberry Ridge cookies but you believed me. Adam’s looking for tuition money.  Has some cloud names as well And the award for stupidest domain buyer of the year goes to…………………this buyer.  Lego files more URDP or WIPOs than any company I know. Under $1000 is a good buy here

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  1. Mike Law

    Blueberry Ridge Cookies… mmm I think I’ve got the munchies, lmao – I think you mean Gerry, not Adam

  2. peter h

    “Mmmm I love BlueberryRidge cookies? See. There’s no such thing as Blueberry Ridge cookies but you believed me.”

    See what I mean. I’ve had an impossible night and thanks to this passage you’ve got me smiling again. Thanks a million. Loved the list.

  3. Jason Stewart

    Shane! Slacking off and watching YouTube while your writing? 🙂
    Your hyperlink goes to a YouTube video about “Guys Named Todd” Great video though…gotta get back to watching it now.

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