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Aug 03 2011

My wife and I doing our bi annual picking of stocks and the first thought was, should we add more Apple.  My initial thought was there are certainly better returns out there from other up and coming stocks.  Then I read this article. It sounds unbelievable but according to the survey, nearly half of all Blackberry and Android users plan to switch to an iPhone.  Maybe there is plenty more room for growth.  Speaking of investments.  Nothing fantastic here but some decent names today. Very popular Mexican last name.  Not sure if you have noticed but the Mexican population is surging.  1996 Birthday 1996 Birthday.  Not a generic but a nice brandable.  No bidders Not a lot of 2 character dot nets come across at auction.  It’s already met reserve I spoke too soon Good deal for under $100 Terrible ordeal for women.  Leave this one to the ladies.  See.  I can be compassionate OK maybe I can’t Pretty good price under $1000 They have as well but I like this one better

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  1. Michael Evan

    I just recently added more Apple stocks to my portfolio and they already raised 12% and I believe that there is a huge place to grow for Apple products.

    US is crazy about Apple products and seems like each second person has at least one fruit branded product. But if we look at the Europe there is still huge place for growth as only few owns Apple products. Europe is slower to adopt new things, so it will take for a while but if you are not in hurry you will make a lot out of this stock

  2. Mike

    “Morenos” also refers to dark-skinned people, but not black people, in Spanish and Portuguese.

  3. Richard

    Hey Shane, do you ever post pending delete domains, or is it mostly just auction, pre-release, etc.

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