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Wednesday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auction Picks

Looks like people have been picking up some of the names I post each day.  I’m glad I could help.  A few people have emailed asking to get the names early but I can’t figure out why.  Most of these are auctions so there really is no advantage to getting them early.  If you get a name, email me, I love to hear who got what and what you had to pay.  Of course, it’s between you and me and I won’t judge.  Now onto the names. Ends early this morning.  Nice numeric, at $7600 1994 register and love the name.  I have web dreams all the time and they are about me going back to 1995 and snapping up all the great domains. Ahh middle America loves the word wizard.  It’s not science…’s magic A steal with no bids.  A fishing site waiting to happen A real PR6 and the price reflects it.  $4000 Awesome name for a hot or not for shelving units.  You could also use this one. ……………to let people guess if it’s pressed wood or not The name sounds like it’s from 1999………..and it is.  Good price for $70 You can have a lot of fun for $79……with the domain of course. Not the best domain on the board but certainly worth the money.

Domain Spotlight:

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