5L Dot Coms Further Secure Their $1500-$3000 Range

Jan 19 2011

You’ve heard me preaching to the skies about good 5 letter dot coms selling regularly at $1500 to $3000 and every once in a while a little more if you have an eager buyer. Every week it seems 5 or 6 names pop in the top sellers list.  This week was no different.  I was the seller of a 5 letter dot com in the last two weeks’ list.  To the people that say there were millions of 5 letters that didn’t sell, you are actually giving me a compliment.  All you’re saying is out of the millions of names only these sold, yet I sold two of them. Pretty good odds if you ask me, and I do this regularly.  Take a look at this past weeks’ 5 letter dot com sales and their prices.

Kalev.com $9000

Luren.com $9287

Buyos.com $3022

Lufin.com $2686

Kords.com $1999

Himal.com $1750

Amarc.com $1600

Yooby.com $1500

Xotox.com $1300

Joota.com $1000

Mokoo.com $800

Bricos.com $800

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  1. Jamie

    I have several 5L’s and haven’t had much luck in selling. That’s just me. They are a risk like any other investment, so some will be winners and others will not.

    If your lucky (like Shane) you will sell some, but most will not IMO. If you have bad luck like me… stick with keyword domains.

    Just my one cent!

  2. Acro

    A lot of LLLLL domains are simply …words! Which given the fact that there are more 5 letter words than 4 and 3 letter ones, there are more possibilities for one that makes sense. And that, at the same time, does not mean that any crap 5 letter combo is created equal.

  3. Nadia

    Any idea where most of these sales took place? I’d be interested to find out if they were at a place like Sedo or Afternic, or a brandable showcase like BrandBucket. I imagine a few were private sales, as well, but I’m wondering where sellers are looking for these names. I have a handful of 5Ls, but only one I consider to be remotely valuable.

  4. Ken

    I have 2 5L’s at hand and I really don’t have any idea how their value is. Based on recent sales I assume that the only value most of these have is of brandability..? and I guess it takes quite some luck to find yourself a good end user. You, sir, seem to know what 5L combinations are good 😀 GJ on that! More info on how to manage and sell 5L domains, please 🙂

  5. Andrew Douglas

    I don’t have tons and have not had a lot of success with selling them either, but they intrigue me. I think if you can grab/register good combos and keep your total costs low then they offer the potential for a really nice return on your investment. If you average 1 sale a year for every 100 VCVCV or similar quality pronounceable at 4 figures, that pays for your carry costs and then some. That’s only 1% sell through which isn’t hard to do. Everything else is a bonus.

    How many 5L’s are you carrying Shane?

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