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Wednesday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions

As I’ve discussed several times over the last week, I’m in Laguna Beach on vacation and I want to thank everyone for all the great tips on where to go and what to see. From readers to domain friends, even Michael Castello chimed in and suggested a ride for Disney (turned out to me one of my favorites and I never would have even gone if not for him emailing me) .  The domaining community is a heck of great group of people. They even make vacation more fun.  Now onto the names  Not the greatest 4L to ever pass through but prounceable and lots of bidders  I would be careful about regging this one.  Usually you have to worry about getting sued but if you saw “the Hangover” you know he’ll just hit you in the face   I use these every day and they are not cheap. Great irrigation site name  Can’t believe there are no bidders on this one.  Perfect name for online poll site  A bit of a stretch I know but “Free Quote” or “Forex Quote” ?  No bidders and valuates high  33,000 searches is good enough for me  Already at $1500 this CVCV will probably reach $2K

Domain Spotlight:

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