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Tuesday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions

Missed Monday’s posts because I was in travel and a bit tired. I’m now in Laguna it’s a heck of a lot cooler than Illinois. I already had the best night sleep I’ve had all year with the cool breeze and the sound of the ocean. Add that and my daily dose of Wahoo’s fish tacos and I could easily move here. I just need to make a little more money. Maybe these names will get me a little bit closer. A 1995 domain. Also a 5L dot dom. Already 65 bidders so will certainly reach $1000  It doesn’t get any more generic than “a phone”  A great name for selling links  I know you’re saying “what in the heck makes this one special?”  The 32000 monthly uniques.  If you believe Google then this one is still a good deal with this much traffic   I don’t have 1 dot us domain but I like this one very much  I am not going to buy it because too easily confused with arroz.  Spanish for rice.  Still a good name and most English people don’t know how to spell arroz anyway

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  1. Liselisikisizle means “watch coed f*ing”
    This domain for people who interested in porn business.

  2. Shane,
    Don’t forget to go to Forever Fondue at La Jolla with your wife.
    Even if you guys are not a big fan of Fondue, try to visit La Jolla cove any way.

    You will see people doing the couple mile long swims and lots of runners. You will feel right at home with all those active bodies like your self.

  3. You didn’t mention or (auction at Snapnames) or which seem pretty nice domains for today…

  4. Seems 246,000 people still looking for “tv programs” worldwide. Yes, most are from India, Pakistan, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and UK.

    Managed to get and at least….

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