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Wednesday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions and a Joke

The domain sales across our industry recently has me all giddy.  There have been some great sales and many of them match the quality of domains in my portfolio.  It’s nice to think I have a chance to move some names in the $10K range and with a little luck and some time I very well might. Here are some names that with some time, a little luck, and tons of development you may actually make some money on as well. That’s W zero W.  Actually a very nice hack.  I’d pay $500 for it.  With 55 bidders I don’t think that will do it Quad 4L dot coms are picking up steam and this is a top notch one.  Will certainly break $1000 on this one The seller of this one certainly is going to make some fast cash.  $7 CPC and tons of bidders The perfect anti dot org domain name Not a generic but I really like this name for a games site.  Kids will remember it

And now the joke

After a late night of partying, a guy invites his friends back to his new apartment.

While he is giving them a tour, one of his friends notices a huge gong and hammer near the wall.

“What’s up with the gong?”, he asks.

“Oh that’s not a gong, it is a talking clock.”

His friends voice skepticism, “Dude, that’s not a talking clock, it’s obviously a friggin’ gong.”

The guy replies, “No, I swear, you hit it with that hammer as hard as you can and it tells you the time. Go ahead, give it a try.”

His friend shrugs his shoulders, grabs the hammer, rears back, and strikes it with a loud: “GOOOOOOOOOOONG!”

After a few seconds they hear a voice from the other side of the wall, “Hey asshole! IT’S THREE-THIRTY IN THE FUC*ING MORNING!”

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  1. is an awesome name, every developer’s dream to have. But knowing NJ it’ll most likely sell too high for any reasonable domainer to buy.

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