Tuesday’s Daily Dropping Domains and Auctions

I apologize for lack the of posts the last few days.  I flew to meet my brother for a few days in Vegas.  It was a surprise for his 40th birthday and although my schedule is very very busy, doing things with your family trumps all.  I won’t be able to go to any of the domain conferences because of it but looking back later in life, I’ll remember having dinner with my brother in Vegas much more than I will any conference.  Even a conference with such good people as will be in Miami for DNCruise and TRAFFIC. Now onto the names

Twitch.net $12,000 valuate and plenty of searches.  I imagine because of the fantastic dance stylings of this guy

BackandNeckPain.net I would imagine this domain would help you get pagerank in this decent paying category and no bidders

LCR.org 3 Letter dot org

HotSheMaleVideos.net Great traffic but not my cup of tea.  At least that’s what I found out in Vegas……..just kidding

CiHo.com Great CVCV for sale at Sedo

Domain of the Day: