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Wednesday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions

Trying a Little Test With Miley Cyrus Smoking SalviaHad another sale finish today and after a slow last two months I picked up a few thousand dollars to put towards my DomainFest trip.  The only downside is I keep finding really good numeric domains for sale.  I also am receiving really good payoffs on my 5 letter dot com sales.  I had one the other day that paid for my last 20 acquisitions.  I might add that my 5 letter dot coms are better than most.  There is a method behind my purchases and web startups digg them, pun intended. Now onto the names. Nice “mirror” numbers.  Won’t go cheap.  Already at $3000 and I expect it to break $5K. Golf, racing, tools, or porn….it all works here and I enjoy two of the four I’m sure if you pick this up cheap you could flip it easily to a dog or horse trainer. Of course if it was for my dog you would have to buy I’m not saying it’s right, just saying their are some people looking for info and this would be a nice affiliate site for ripping software. Not the greatest name but I love it when it’s used like this “I’m not internationally known but I’m here to rock the microphone”    long live Rob Base 18,000 searches and I would love to have a site that lists where to get them repaired.  Of course you could just use Google or throw it away and buy a new one like me.  Have you seen how cheap those things are now? I really do like this name but the first thing that comes to mind is that if you get really good at making shirts you’re going to need to buy Seriously though, 1998 domain and simple,easy to remember domain This is a name that is best left for a specialist but at a CPC of $21 and 2000 exacts, somebody can make some good money with this one.

And today’s award for worst domain goes too………… Maybe it was a phone number or something but not only is it too long but the 666 in the middle screams bad luck.

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  1. Hi. Till now, I still don’t see the logic of buying number domains……what can this do, really?? Care to enlighten me on this Shane.

    1. Robin,

      To many people a domain represents merely a location on the net. It doesn’t have to mean anything, it just has to be something that the users or readers can remember. Four numbers is very easy to remember. It is also universal. Most countries speak a different language but they use the same numbering system. To make it even more valuable, asian countries love numbers and numeric domains. I like because there are only 10,000 available and a few thousand at most for sale. Prices are around $1000 and growing. There’s more to this but that would be my opening statement as to why to buy them. Of course I say wait a year until I have all that I want.

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