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Wednesday’s Daily Domain Drops And Auctions

After a little homework from several different blogs it turns out that NameJet’s three letter dot net auctions are all names from Marchex.  It also seems that all the names have reserves.  In summary, there are over a thousand names to keep track of, all with reserves, all going off on the same day.  Hey, I like Namejet but what a terrible way to move some names.  How about spreading it out and releasing a little at a time.  I know the reason, Marchex needs to show it made some cash for quarterly reports and end of year but a little planning would have gone a long way.  I miss Steve Brown (nothing against Matt) .   As for the picture, occasionally I like to jump over fires to prove I still have mad hops.  I can’t dunk anymore but man can I still jump a fire pit.  Now onto the names. You put NY in any 4L dot com and it becomes worth $200 or more.  Add RR for Railroad and it instantly becomes worth $205 or more Not a generic but a very nice product name Triple letters have been reaching $400 lately.  More for “good” letters. If the “S” was dropped I would like it more 2300 searches and $3.37 CPC ,  $7900 estibot Same estibot valuation and same amount of searches.  Not really sure what you would do with it.  I guess you could put a map of AT&T dead zones so I can avoid driving through them. You guys aren’t country enough to know this is a very valuable name.  Throw a little deer shit on you to hide your smell, shop online for a deer blind and that dog’ll hunt. I don’t know what it’s worth but it’s more than $69 and no bids See above

And the Worst Name to Pickup is…..   Because nobody can spell subconscious, processes, and get by and buy mixed up, and then to top it off the domain and for some reason suddenly ends with had.

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