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Wednesday’s Daily Dropping Domains and Auctions

I passed on yesterday and it went really cheap.  Under $700.  I think marijuana domains are a fantastic investment but for the first time in my life I did something because I was morally against it.  I have no problem with those that smoke the weed and believe in freedom of choice but still feel it’s wrong. Not sure if I think it should be legal or not at this point.   I feel the same way about cigarette smokers.  I think smokers are idiots that are using them to fill some hole in their life.  Meanwhile, they destroy their body and pollute all around them.  Send their kids to school smelling like ashtrays and cost the health care system billions of dollars.  Maybe I should tell you how I really feel.  Let’s get back to the names Better bring your pocketbook for this one. Maybe I’ll buy this one and pretend like it’s for my lawn company one of the few cases that “the” makes it a better name One of the better 4Ls to come across this month Millions of people looking to get rid of it and willing to pay a lot to do it 3 letter commodity

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7 Replies to “Wednesday’s Daily Dropping Domains and Auctions”

  1. Not that I am promoting smoking, but French people have a higher rate of longevity than Americans and they are not exactly anti-smoking. There are many factors that comprise a “healthy” life and I would suggest that intangible factors such as greed can be more ruinous than anything. One man’s greed can ruin the lives of many. People who smoke without hurting others ie by themselves outside, no problem. Ever thought about how much exhaust your “big car” is letting off into the environment? North Americans haven’t even come close to matching environmental sanctions such as seen in Germany, for example. To produce the “american dream” requires a lot of production and abuse of the environment, but do any anti-smokers think of that? Not usually. Happily, I am a non-smoker but I don’t bust the balls of a “private” smoker for obvious reasons.

    1. Great points. Obesity is what kills more Americans than anything. Things can still change for the better. Look at Germany 60 years ago. Not exactly a healthy place to be.

  2. is a great name, especially with the movement and acceptance of medicinal marijuana. I agree with your stance from a moral perspective, but the domain has serious potential in the future.

  3. You mean guys like Winston Churchill who always smoked cigars. 🙂

    I say smoke ’em if you got ’em. I’m tired of folks passing morals and judgment on others.

    BTW….I’m not a smoker but believe in Live and Let Live.

    1. I am freedom of choice almost completely across the board. Then again allowing smoking in airplanes was never a good idea. I have my opinions of what is wrong and right and would never impose them on others. My job is to raise a good kid and put a good person into the world

  4. I’ve never smoked marijuana but I’ve heard it has some appeal to certain people.
    I was surprised with all the stoners in the domain space that it went for so cheap.

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