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Wednesday’s Daily Flippable Domain Auction and Drop Picks

If you’ve been listening to Morgan you’ll see that he’s switched completely over to dot coms.   There are still values in the other tlds but trying to keep a larger percentage of your domains in dot coms certainly is a great move. Great letters.  If I’m buying 4Ls that aren’t CVCV, I’m buying only names like this with strong letters. This is a big trend.  You know what’s not a big trend?  Losing weight so you are less likely to get diabetes. Can’t believe there are no bids on this thing.  27,000 searches for this city Not as big as Talladega but this city is growing fast.  Used to live in Mint Hill myself A PR6  that was this “Reports from international effort to inventory global ecosystems, their contribution to human development, and the effect of the ongoing degradation of ecosystem services on human well-being” Sexy 134,000 searches is a lot of searches. I can’t believe this isn’t worth more than $12 Great bargain at $100.  Wine tv or of course just grapes Easily worth the $100.  Bargain at Boxcar

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  1. Someone providing a list of product names really has you frazzled. Providing a list of names isn’t exactly innovative.

    1. Tommy,

      I took my post down because it did come across as an attack on Teen Domainer . That really wasn’t the point. I received an email list last night from someone with 50 long tail product keywords that he had at auction that he wanted me to promote and it swayed my brain towards that heading. In response to the innovative. No, but it takes effort to make a list every day. I didn’t see anyone doing anything like it in the domaining blog. Sure anyone can do it but the difference is I did and do…every day. Do I like Teen doing it? No . The same way I don’t like the guy down the street who is also selling trees. You don’t like anyone that is doing the same thing as you. A business person always wants to have a monopoly. It’s in our nature to piss on and drive the competition out. But they still have the right to do it. So no I’m not innovative but I do put the effort into delivering this thing every day and I think that has value.

  2. “Someone providing a list of product names really has you frazzled. Providing a list of names isn’t exactly innovative.”

    I thought the same thing.

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